Redskins Finish Winless In Primetime, Subject America to Terrible Football

After roaring back to win the NFC East with the most exciting quarterback in the NFL last season, the Washington Redskins were in demand, so much so that Robert Griffin III (the aforementioned "most exciting quarterback in the NFL" in case you missed that) was said to have influenced the league's national television schedule.

So the NFL gave Washington five games in primetime, a franchise record. The Redskins were going to get plenty of opportunities to showcase their turnaround to the masses.

And then they sucked.

After Sunday's 24-17 loss to the New York Giants that officially eliminated them from playoff contention, the Redskins finished their national television slate at 0-5.

  • Week 1 (Monday Night Football) v. Philadelphia Eagles: 33-27 loss
  • Week 6 (Sunday Night Football) v. Dallas Cowboys: 31-16 loss
  • Week 10 (Thursday Night Football) v.  Minnesota Vikings: 34-27 loss
  • Week 12 (Monday Night Football) v. San Francisco 49ers: 27-6 loss
  • Week 13 (Sunday Night Football) v. New York Giants: 24-17 loss

Washington subjected the United States of American to some terrible football this season, which was a national travesty. (Or is it "national tragedy"? Either or.)

I do not think the NFL schedule makers will make the same mistake twice.

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