Video: Ain't no party like an Ovechkin, Semin party in Russia

Underneath that pile of Russian blonde is Alexander Semin of the Washington Capitals, who was in attendance for a party thrown in honor of his teammate Alexander Ovechkin over the weekend at "The Paradise" club in Russia. We believe the literal translation of her tattoo is "small mammal of puck."

If it's summer, it means the great Alex Ovetjkin blog is keeping tabs on the reigning NHL MVP's exploits back in his homeland, and you can find a full gallery of photos on his blog from the Russian newspaper that covered the event. Among the classics:

Sergei Fedorov with what the paper called "a pretty blonde who looks surprisingly similar to his former girlfriend, a tennis player Anna Kournikova," rocking the Detroit Tigers lid and the G'N R T-shirt (hopefully someone had the good sense to pick up the poor guy's tab).

Ovechkin posing with Boris Yeltsin Pat Quinn his father.

Ovechkin busting out the Flavor Flav dance in the DJ booth (or so it would seem).

• And, uh, Ovechkin's fly apparently losing a battle with the Earth's gravitational pull.

Many, many more photos from (Ilya Bryzgalov in the hizzy!), and a hat-tip to this post on the Capitals message board for the glut of the frivolity. Wow, what a night for Ovechkin. He can dance. He can jive. He's having the time of his life. See that dude, watch that scene. Diggin' in the dancing Ovie:

Please keep this video as far away from Don Cherry as humanly possible. H/T to Alex Ovetjkin blog and for all of it.

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