Puck Daddy tries to save some of our world's greatest assets

Some of you may have noticed a gap in coverage today. While I'd like to say that I was knocking back victory shots of Absolut with Daniel Alfredsson, truth is that the wife and I were doing something even more rewarding: Orientation for the Washington, D.C. leg of the Breast Cancer 3-Day, benefitting Susan G. Komen for the Cure.

We're running a pit stop, supporting the walkers and doing whatever we can for the cause. If you're interested in getting involved, head over the 3-Day site.

Hockey coverage will continue over the next few days, even if we can't dedicate the necessary time to opine about Sean Avery's scathing comments about Don Cherry or the fact that Rangers fans are hazing the new beat writer or that Kevin Allen narrowed his Stanley Cup champions list to Montreal, Detroit and San Jose (!). A look ahead:

• Inside the St. Louis Blues' pay-as-you-go ticket plan
• Part Two of our Dave Schultz interview
• On Saturday, Leahy's day-long (or so) live blog of the NHL's opening day in Europe.

Plus other surprises. Check the main page for breaking news, and I'll be back on e-mail on Monday. Thanks again for reading.

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