Atlanta Thrashers third jersey leaks, and it's not terrible

Apologies for the image quality, but what do you want from a spy report? Chris from Icethetics revealed this image last night of what could be the Atlanta Thrashers' third jersey, courtesy of his friend "the Reebok mole." It will be revealed by the team at a fan event tonight.

The design appears to match the description from the massive alternate jersey details leak from July. Chris is keen on the giant bird heads on the shoulders. We dig the overall concept, but we're puzzled by the notion of a team pouring millions of promotional money into the concept of "Blueland" and then releasing what appears to be maroon jersey -- sans blue. It's a bit like Burger King undermining decades of flame-broiled goodness by suddenly offering a sushi menu.

Please do drop in for Icethetics live chat tonight regarding all things NHL couture.

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