Portis: “All of Us Gonna Be Dead”

Running back spins swine flu into excuse to skip practice

The Washington Redskins' notoriously anti-practice/preseason/camp running back Clinton Portis found a bright side to the swine flu scare, the Redskins Insider reported: It's a good reason to skip minicamp.

Speaking at the first day of the Redskins minicamp, Portis said:

"With the swine flu going around, this water could have some swine flu in it, then all of us gonna be dead. You should cancel minicamp, especially in bad weather. Right now in Mexico, they canceled all sporting events. They need to do that in the U.S. ... This is a scary, dangerous situation."

So is this: The Fab Empire found Portis drowning in female fans at the Shadow Room Thursday night.

More flu plus less practice equals more time for the fans (and the stripper pole). It's refreshing to see a celebrity athlete so connected to the fans.

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