Chris Cooley doesn't love temporary WFT name, but is happy process wasn't rushed

For the 2020 season, Washington will be known as the Washington Football Team, a temporary name change while the franchise decides on what the next permanent moniker will be. Some are in favor of the name itself, appreciating the simplicity. Others don't love the name, but are fine with the team waiting to get the impactful decision correct.

Former Washington tight end Chris Cooley is firmly in the latter faction. Speaking with Kevin Sheehan on The Kevin Sheehan Show, Cooley explained his mixed feelings toward the somewhat generic name.

The nine-year pro started off by saying he "actually" liked the name. But, upon elaboration, Cooley noted that it wasn't the actual moniker that he enjoyed, but rather the process that went into the choice. With the decision to retire the old name progressing rapidly, Cooley didn't like the idea of settling on a permanent new brand immediately.

"I think that it was a really rushed process to end up getting rid of the name," Cooley said. "So to just jump into a brand new name is not something that seems like a great idea."

Though he's fine with that aspect, Washington Football Team is not a name that gets Cooley very excited. The first reason is that he feels it is "a mouthful" to say on a normal basis. Some had suggested going with Washington Football Club and shortening it to "Washington FC". Instead, the only real nickname is "Washington FT" and Cooley doesn't believe that rolls off the tongue the same.


Additionally, while simplifying the name in 2020 erased negative connotations while also giving the team time to think toward the future, the current name can be viewed as bland. To Cooley, the one-year brand doesn't have much excitement to it.

"Theoretically, our team is the football team. That's what we're called," Cooley said. "Our mascot is a football player because we are the football team. The Washington Football Team."

So, if Cooley isn't a huge fan of the current name, is there another that he likes? Not particularly.

"I didn't love any of the proposed names by the internet," Cooley said.

He noted that the Red Wolves movement has not swept him up, and the Warriors idea doesn't interest him either. 


For those like Cooley who aren't infatuated by the new name, the bright side is it is considered only temporary by those calling the shots. However, some have not ruled out the idea of the current moniker staying long term. In Cooley's mind, there's one situation that could make that a possibility.

"If you win as the Washington Football team, it makes it harder to change," Cooley said. 

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Chris Cooley doesn't love temporary WFT name, but is happy process wasn't rushed originally appeared on NBC Sports Washington

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