Members Of London Fletcher’s Family Involved In Fight After Game Sunday

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The Washington Redskins' game Sunday against the Browns was a homecoming for linebacker London Fletcher. Born and raised in Cleveland, Fletcher, a 15-year-veteran, had actually never played a NFL game in his hometown before Sunday, so he requested 42 tickets for friends and family.

The Redskins prevailed in a 38-21 victory and went home happy, but the same can't be said for a few members of Fletcher's family.

According to a report from NewsChannel 5 in Cleveland, two of Fletcher's cousins and his nephew were arrested after fighting with several Browns fans after the game. Fletcher's aunt also reportedly suffered a heart attack, but Fletcher told "NFL AM" Monday that she actually suffered neck injuries. 

“They’re still in jail at the moment, haven’t been charged just yet,” Fletcher said on the program. “It’s a matter that all the facts will come out later on. Again, I’m disappointed in what happened. I grew up loving the Browns. I love that city, love the team, and for this to happen, extremely disappointed.”

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