Kid Nails Impressions of Nationals’ Batting Stances

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This morning, Washington Nationals outfielder Bryce Harper hosted a baseball camp for local kids, most of whom probably aspire to play professional baseball (I say "most" because you know there had to be some kids there that were forced to go, like when I had to go to soccer camp against my will when I was a kid).

I'm not sure if the young man below was at the camp, but I doubt he needed to be based on his amazing impressions of the Nationals' batting stances:

This kid has it down, from Michael Morse's "Samurai Cobra Snake" to Harper's OCD-like plate-touching. He also has a future in video editing (though I was disappointed in the absence of star wipes).

Sign him up. But first, make sure he can actually hit a baseball.

(Via Nationals Inquisition)

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