JaVale McGee Not a Banger Like His Mom

Pamela looks to make her son tough

JaVale McGee's mother, Pamela, is becoming a mainstay in the stands at Wizards games.

She seems young at heart, involved with her son, stylish and knowledgeable about the game -- Pamela being an accomplished pro basketball player herself.

Recently, Pam and her son, whom she calls "evolutionary," sat down to interview each other. You can find the video here via the Wizards website.

JaVale, by all accounts, is a quiet, reserved guy, usually giving one-word answers to questions from the media. His mom is quite the opposite. And each of their games reflect their personalities.

Pam says that JaVale is a "finesse" player while she, in contrast, is a self-described "straight up banger."

Must be pretty embarrassing when your mom is essentially calling you soft. But the presence of mom in D.C. is a good thing.

Not only could JaVale stand to gain some weight to physically withstand the NBA painted area, but JaVale's mental stength would also benefit from adopting some of his mother's gumption.

But rest assured, Wizards fans, the younger McGee is a hard worker and should be deemed untouchable by Ernie Grunfeld (as in he won't be a throw-in with a trade to get rid of Etan Thomas).

JaVale McGee might not be a banger now, but he should grow into that role and more with the Wiz for years to come.

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