Help Praise Alex Ovechkin Tonight

Whether you love him or hate him, Washington Capitals superstar Alex Ovechkin garners an emotional response from hockey fans worldwide that is unrivaled.

When he's the enemy, he is constantly jeered and called things that I would be fired for typing (though the idea is intriguing...). That was the case during the Caps' first two games against the New York Rangers in the Eastern Conference Semifinals at Madison Square Garden.

You see, whenever the clock struck 8:08 during each period, Rangers fans counted down to 8:00 before serenading Ovechkin with "Ovi Suck!" chants, which they stole from the Ottawa Senators, but with a twist. Gimmick infringement at its finest.

Now that the Caps are home for Game 3 Wednesday, it is your turn to praise Ovechkin for all that he does. Thanks to Russian Machine Never Breaks and Sam Wolk, better known as "The Horn Guy" (he has a name, people), you can do just that.

At 8:08 of each period, start counting down the seconds 8 – 7 – 6 – 5, etc. until the 8:00 mark.

Then you will chant ”O-V!” eight times.

It’s quick. It’s easy. And it shows solidarity for Ovi (even if he doesn’t need it).

Bring it, Caps fans. Remember, you're louder.

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