Haynesworth Motivated to Win

Big money hasn't led to big production... yet

Danny Snyder's well-earned reputation as a free spender netted him the offseason's biggest target, defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth, for the bargain price of $100 million. Most of Snyder's big-money signings haven't worked out, and the Skins have been increasingly looked upon as a place where players who are solely motivated by money come to get paid, before taking a giant nap on the field.

Some have accused Haynesworth of the same motivations, saying that he only wants a payday, but Albert says not to worry, according to Yahoo Sports.

Haynesworth isn't motivated by money, he says, but by his desire to win and to be the best, while showing up those who doubted him. He told Yahoo:

"I’m going there to win. If I don’t win, if I’m not the best at what I do, I’m upset...

"I just want to stick it in the Titans’ face. Not the guys I played with, but the team … It’s like I want all the guys to be successful, make the Pro Bowl and stuff, but I want to really stick it to management.”

Haynesworth seems to love the physical challenge of playing, telling Yahoo, "I love football. It’s the only thing you can do and not get arrested for f-ing up somebody."

He also said that he's looking forward to the NFC East. "I love that because it’s not going to be all these smaller offensive linemen that you see from Indianapolis and Jacksonville. This is going to be man-to-man stuff."

But for a player who claims it's not about the money, it certainly is about the money. He still holds a grudge with the Titans over a contract offer that would've paid him $1 million less (over four years) than another lineman. And the story opens up with a long list of extravagant expenses (including ostrich-skin upholstery on his 77-foot yacht.)

Will Haynesworth be one of Snyder's follies? Or will he actually produce -- the rare player in his prime who makes those around him better?

Skins fans find out starting Thursday.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  He was surprised by some of the good things Albert said.

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