Vick's Personal Items, Including Baby Stuff, Auctioned Off by Unpaid Storage Unit

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More bad news for the one or two people still sympathetic to Michael Vick out there -- he now has the public humiliation of having his stuff auctioned off by a storage unit in order to pay his bill. And a bunch of the stuff belongs to his first born son. Ouch.

WTKR Channel 3 reported Tuesday that employees at the Iron Bound Mini Storage in Williamsburg informed Edward Howard that he had bid on a unit rented to Vick.

Inside boxes, Howard found pictures of Vick and his son. He also found a football signed by Vick to the child. Howard told the station that other boxes were packed with baby clothes, baby furniture and other items that he believes are memories of Vick's first-born boy.

It just amazes to me to watch how bad this can get for Vick at this point. I realize that losing stuff in storage isn't that big of a deal in comparison to, you know, being in prison, but it's still kind of a low blow.

Watching your son's stuff get carted off by a total stranger who will, in all likelihood, be putting it on the Ebays, all because you couldn't afford the $44 per month bill? Yeah, that's not a tremendous moral booster. On the bright side, the guy who won the bid said he just can't wait to give the football back to number 7. Which is great news, especially coming from a guy who randomly bids on storage units that have been foreclosed on.

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