UFC President Dana White Says EliteXC Has Damaged Mixed Martial Arts and the UFC

At today's UFC 90 press conference, Dana White got animated when the subject turned to the now-defunct EliteXC. (Warning: Not safe for work language)

It's clear that White feels strongly that EliteXC has damaged the sport of mixed martial arts.

Among the highlights:
-- White feels sorry for office staff and other people who lost their jobs when EliteXC closed its doors, but said of the people who ran EliteXC, "Too f---ing bad. Go get another job."

-- White says it's "a hot market" in MMA right now, so guys like Jake Shields should be fine.

-- White reiterated that he will not promote women's mixed martial arts, so Gina Carano will have to look elsewhere.

-- White said there has been more wrongdoing by EliteXC than just offering Seth Petruzelli money not to take Kimbo Slice to the ground. (White made his comments before news surfaced that EliteXC had been cleared of wrongdoing.)

-- White says UFC will be on network television just as soon as the right deal comes along.

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