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I don't mean to sound offended or holy -- I write about Salim Stoudamire, for goodness sake -- but do Doug Christie and his wife Jackie really need attention so much they'll turn the nation's economic crisis into an opportunity for publicity? Yes, yes they do. The Christies' overworked flack got the pair into the Wall Street Journal on the basis of some bizarre scheme to bail out the banks by propping them up with stock buys 95% of America can't afford.

Former NBA guard Doug Christie and his wife have called for as much to help out in this time of financial distress. The couple put out a press release late Tuesday to announce that they will purchase 3,000 shares of corporate stock to help with what they termed "the AIG financial crisis." In addition to their cash, the release said, "the Christie ... have graciously used their star appeal to bring awareness to the issue."

The Christies kept their word, and then some. A representative for the couple said that on Wednesday the Christies bought 3,000 shares of American International Group, 1,000 shares of computer maker Apple and 1,000 shares of online retailer

How gracious of the Christies to lend their indisputable star power to a global crisis which has been on the front page of every relevant newspaper for a solid week! Again, I don't mean to look a gift horse in the mouth -- the Christies could be off burning Benjamins and catapulting kittens into a brick wall; this Wall Street activity is a net plus for Earth if you consider that possibility. But c'mon, WSJ. Focus on the big picture, not a retired NBA player begging for cameras and ink. Antawn Jamison spent some money to help real American kids. The Rockets organization is leading the way on Ike recovery. Those things aren't ploys for attention, and they actually matter.

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