San Diego Hasn't Figured Out That ‘Direct Snap to Ronnie Brown' Play

After the Miami Dolphins used direct snaps to Ronnie Brown to score four touchdowns against the New England Patriots two weeks ago, you'd figure that every NFL team would have worked on defending such a play.

You'd really expect the team who the Phins would face next to have spent a few minutes on it.

Maybe not, as the Dolphins had another direct snap to Brown who scored another TD. That score capped off an 11-play, 79 yard drive. They've used it several other times to pick up first downs.

If you didn't remember, Brown rushed for four TDs against the Pats -- three of which were on direct snaps. On another direct snap to Brown, he faked the run and threw a TD pass.

The entire NFL was talking about how well Tony Sparano and his Miami staff gameplanned in that game. Those same people were then saying that there is no way this can happen again as every other team will prepare for it. I guess not.

Miami currently has a 17-3 lead over the Chargers as they are nearing halftime.

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