NCAA Previews: Recognize the Georgetown Hoyas

Conference: Big East
How They Got In:

Mascot: Jack the Bulldog. Georgetown had a number of live dog mascots: a number of terriers and a great dane. Jack was adopted in 1962.

As for why they are called Hoyas? That was adopted from their cheer "Hoya Saxa." That cheer roughly translates to "What Rocks" in a mash-up of the Greek word Hoya and the Latin word Saxa. That cheer originated last century, when the athletic teams were called the "The Stonewalls."

Big Wins: Louisville, UConn, ND, at Marquette

Notable Loss: at Syracuse

Player You Should Know: Roy Hibbert is the obvious player, but then you already knew him. The big difference from last year is the absence of Jeff Green and his ability to attack from the wing. Even in the Princeton style offense, there is a bit more of the standard offense run through a big man. Dump it inside, if everyone collapses, kick it out for an open 3. Jonathan Wallace is the guy who will make a big difference for Georgetown, one way or another. When the Hoyas have struggled, it has been because their 3-point shooting has been non-existent. Wallace is the Hoyas best 3-point shooter so they need him to hit his looks or else Hibbert won't have any space inside.

A lot of people are down on the Hoyas because they haven't looked particularly dominate. Needing borderline calls from officials and no-calls on a possible goaltend to avoid losses. Of course, one could say the same thing about UCLA, after this past week, but instead that's just a sign that the Bruins are a team of destiny and just find ways. Uh-huh.

The Hoyas are at least going to the Sweet 16. A return to the Final Four seems unlikely, though.

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