Looking at the NFL's Winless Teams

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There are six NFL teams that have yet to win a game this season. All are sitting at 0-3 (except the 0-2 Houston Texans). Some of these teams entered the season with high expectations but are falling flat. Others are just fulfilling their destiny.

Here is a quick look at the winless teams (I'm omitting the Texas due to the fact they've not had a home game and having to deal with Hurricane Ike).

Kansas City Chiefs

Why they are here: They've been trotting out no-names at quarterback, they have the second-worst run defense in the NFL and they can't pressure the quarterback (just two sacks). They were spanked at home by the Oakland Raiders.

Why they could turn it around: Well, they get the Raiders again! Uh, wait, that didn't go too well when they met earlier. They need Larry Johnson to have a gigantic season and all those draft picks over-performing to just knock out a few wins. Control the ball with LJ, keep the other team from getting their offense on the field and hope Dwayne Bowe can make some plays down the field.

Outlook: Herm Edwards says, "you play to win the game." Too bad Herm won't be around when Kansas City finally does win some games. The Chiefs have the look of the worst team in the NFL but they do have some nice young talent to build upon. The odd thing is that KC may have had the biggest impact in the league when Tom Brady was hurt in a game against the Chiefs.

Detroit Lions

Why they are here: The Lions boast the NFL's worst rush defense and allowing 37.7 points per game. They have the league's worst turnover margin (-5)

Why they could turn it around: Well, they just fired Matt Millen. This could force players and coaches to step their games up so they may be able to keep their jobs when the new GM arrives. Maybe Jon Kitna can go on a tear again?

Outlook: While firing Millen makes the Lions fans happy, fixing this mess won't be easy. Players are already turning on the coaching staff, which usually isn't a good sign. The one glimmer of hope is that the NFC North has just one winning team (the Packers).

St. Louis Rams

Why they are here: They have the NFL's worst defense and are allowing a whopping 38.7 points per game. Despite having Steven Jackson, the Rams are averagina a league worst 56 rushing yards per game. They've already made the drastic move of benching Marc Bulger for the ancient Trent Green.

Why they could turn it around: If Green assumes control of Al Saunders' offense and becomes as efficient as he did when they were together in Kansas City, you never know. Of the teams on this list, it seems as if the Rams have the easiest schedule.

Outlook: Rams coach Scott Linehan is on a blazing hot seat -- and for good reason. St. Louis has sunk to the bottom of the NFL just as they did when Green arrived in his first go 'round there. Benching Bulger looks like a desperate act that, obviously, doesn't help the defense. It may be a quick move too, since the oft-concussed Green will be behind a line that has already given up 11 sacks.

Cleveland Browns

Why they are here: The Browns have the worst offense in the NFL. The average the least amount of yards and averaging just 8.7 points per game. Amazing since they were so dynamic in 2007. It's kind of tough to repeat when you have Braylon Edwards nursing a foot injury, Donte Stallworth not even getting on the field, Jamal Lewis showing his age and the offensive line playing poorly.

Why they could turn it around: Well, they nearly were a playoff team last season. Surely with good health will come better production.

Outlook: Dim. The schedule is brutal. How about hosting Giants, Broncos, Ravens and Colts? Or traveling to Washington, Jacksonville, Buffalo, Tennessee, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh? That's all on Cleveland's plate. Welcome back home, Browns.

Cincinnati Bengals

Why they are here: Look, I can talk about this "as the day is long" (props to my wife for that) but let's just cover the basics. The offensive line is horrendous, the receivers are all injured, the defense is so young and the franchise is teetering back into its normal funk. They have recorded one sack this season.

Why they could turn it around: When you have Carson Palmer, Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh on your side, you have people who can make plays. There are flaws on this team, but that ability to be explosive is still there. Also, the controversial Chris Henry will be making his return to the team in another week.

Outlook: Just like the Browns, the Bengals have a tough schedule. Unlike the Browns, this organization is busting at the seams with personal agendas. Of all the teams on this list, the Bengals may have the most individually talented players. Too bad it doesn't make for a talented team.

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