Lions Could Look to Move Roy Williams Before Trade Deadline

During this morning's NFL GameDay Morning, NFL Network's Adam Schefter reported that the Lions are looking to trade wide receiver Roy Williams. Hardly news -- we heard such rumors all spring -- but with Williams now in the last year of his rookie contract, something could happen in the next two weeks leading up to the trade deadline.

Schefter also mentioned that last year, the Lions offered Williams to the Cowboys for DeMarcus Ware, but, obviously, nothing came of it, even though speculation had owner Jerry Jones lusting after a big-play No. 2 receiver to line up opposite Terrell Owens.

Good thing it didn't happen; not so much because the Cowboys couldn't use Williams, but because a) T.O. would've given his "I NEED THE BALL" speech after the second preseason game instead of last week, and b) Williams probably wouldn't have been all that excited about his new, smaller role in Dallas. Although, to be fair, he's the second option in Detroit behind Calvin Johnson; at least the Cowboys win.

Whatever, Williams isn't sure where he'll be in a couple weeks:

Still, with all the losing the Lions have done lately, it's possible -- though hardly likely -- that Sunday could be Williams' last home game at Ford Field.

"You know what? I never thought about that until you just said it," Williams said Friday. "But I don't think (it will be). I hope it's not. But you never know. Somebody will have to make a business decision." ...

"But I feel like I've done enough for this football team and for this community to be here and be loved. You know, because all I want to do is win."

Yeah, that's what Matt Millen said. Well, except the part about doing enough for the team and the community, being loved, and wanting to win.

I have no idea if Williams will be traded, but I'm quite certain the Cowboys don't need him. Not unless he can spell Marion Barber and Felix Jones, two guys who need to be more involved in the offense, no matter what T.O. says.

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