Lions Bench Jon Kitna, Detroit Fans Cheer Dan Orlovsky (Who Promptly Gets Picked)

Now that the Lions have finally listened to the fans' "Fire Millen" chants, it's time for the paying customers in Detroit to have a new target for their rage.

Today it was starting quarterback Jon Kitna, who played horribly early on, completing 8 of 16 passes for 76 yards. Kitna was finally benched early in the second half, and Lions fans gave his replacement, Dan Orlovsky, a warm ovation.

And the fans' optimism lasted all of three plays before Orlovsky threw a pass that Charles Tillman intercepted and ran back for a touchdown. Which reminds everyone that the Lions just don't have a good quarterback on their team. So the fans can cheer all they want for the quarterback on the bench, but it's not going to change anything.

The Bears currently lead 31-0. Perhaps it's time to replace Fire Millen with Fire Marinelli.

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