Kimbo Slice: ‘It's All Good'; Everyone Who Watched: ‘It's Over for Kimbo'

Give Kimbo Slice credit for one thing: In the moments after his legend crashed and burned, he was a good sport about it.

Interviewed in the cage just minutes after he was knocked out by Seth Petruzelli in 14 seconds, Kimbo attempted to make the best of a bad situation, congratulating Petruzelli, thanking him for taking the fight and saying to the crowd, "It's all good."

But the reality is that it's not all good at all, not for Kimbo and not for EliteXC. We were told that Kimbo was the baddest man on the streets, but in reality he was nothing but a paper tiger. Petruzelli is a mediocre light heavyweight, and he made Kimbo look like a wimp.

CBS announcer Gus Johnson said of Kimbo afterward, "We don't know what's next for him." But the truth is, we do know what's next for him: He'll slip into obscurity and his 15 minutes of fame will be forgotten.

UPDATE: Watch the video of Petruzelli knocking Kimbo out.

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