Greivis Vasquez on Cameron Indoor Stadium: ‘That's My House'

The Maryland Terrapins have plenty of reason to be cocky heading to Durham, N.C., tomorrow to take on Duke. After all, they're 2-2 in the ACC (13-5 overall) and are on a vicious one-game winning streak after squeaking by the embarrassingly bad Virginia Cavaliers in College Park.

Oh, and Duke is decent too.

Yes, "plenty of reason" here does mean "no excuse," thanks for asking. But the circumstances surrounding the game aren't stopping Greivis Vasquez, who I don't believe is a graduate of the Milford School, from speaking out in really, really silly fashion (not his first time this year, either).

"That's my house," the junior guard said. "I love going in there. It's going to be fun."

Re-he-he-heeaally. That, folks, is fairly freaking bold. Of course, when you ball it up in Cameron, you're typically allowed to say that. And Grievis, awkwardly, does just that: he was a board shy of a triple-double two years ago (a Terp win) and posted 25/8/7 last season (a loss). Of course, as the younger half of the Brothers Irrelevant noted: "Missing stat? Turnovers."

Unfortunately for Maryland, there's a 100-percent forecast for "swaggerjack" on Saturday afternoon, and unfortunately for us, as the game winds down, we'll all be subjected to a "WHO'S HOUSE NO-OW!" chant.

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