Fedor Emelianenko Scheduled to Fight in America, Not Japan ‘As of Right Now'

Everyone in the MMA world is confused about where, when and against whom Fedor Emelianenko will fight again.

That confusion intensified this week when Fedor addressed fans in Japan at Dream.6 and told them (at least, if the Russian -to- Japanese -to- English translation on HDNet is to be believed) he expected to be back New Year's Eve.

That seemed to contradict the previous statements from Affliction that Fedor would be fighting for them in early 2009. So where and when will we see Fedor next?

Five Ounces of Pain reports that M-1 Vice President Jerry Millen, speaking on behalf of Fedor's management, said this:

"As of right now, Fedor is not scheduled to fight on New Year's Eve in Japan. He is contracted to M-1 and Affliction and he's scheduled to fight in America for them in mid-January."

OK, so Affliction gets Fedor next, and we'll be seeing him in Anaheim in January, right?

Well, maybe, maybe not. First of all, when you preface something you say with "as of right now," you're not exactly inspiring much confidence that people can count on things going the way you say they'll go.

And secondly, how do we know that Jerry Millen is really in any position to speak on behalf of Fedor?

So, basically, we don't really know what Fedor is going to do. My own preference would be to see him fight for Affliction, against a legit heavyweight like Andrei Arlovski or Josh Barnett, but I'm not at all confident that that's what's going to happen, no matter how much Millen tries to reassure me.

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