Falcons: DeAngelo Hall Wanted to Fight

Who knows if it had anything to do with the Raiders decision to release him (it's not like his awful play didn't make the decision easy enough), but according to Falcons linebacker Keith Brooking, DeAngelo Hall was working to ensure the Falcons remembered him as being absolutely crazy.

"One of our ex-players, sitting there in the tunnel, waiting on us to come through the halftime to pick a fight with one of my teammates," Brooking told Atlanta's AM 680 The Fan. "I'm just sitting there as I'm going to the locker room thinking, 'Geez, man, I mean, I'm so glad we're removed from all that mess.' You know, because of the camaraderie that we have as a team from a players standpoint, the relationships we've developed with our coaches. I mean, it's a great working relationship."

It doesn't take much code cracking to figure out it was DeAngelo Hall, which is exactly what Pro Football Talk did. Hall seems to be about the second least-popular member of the 2007 Falcons, falling just behind quitter/coach Bobby Petrino. Hall's temper has always been a problem--something he showed with a meltdown against Steve Smith that cost the Falcons a win early in the 2007 season. But to be dumb enough to try to pick a fight during halftime is a whole new level of stupid. If Hall was that fired up, he'd get a chance to take it out on the Falcons on the field. But since Hall was getting toasted all over the field, apparently he decided he had to take a different approach.

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