Crossed Swords and Midnight Blue: Sabres Go Back a 3rd Time

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After a number of reportsabout their look, the Buffalo Sabres finally unveiled them formally at The Bank this morning culminating in the worst kept secret in the NHL since the last time we went through this with the Slug. Recalling the days of the French Connection and Marty Biron's debut wearing #00, the classic crossed swords is matched with the exact shade of blue of the current 'Everyday-wear' sweaters.

Initially on seeing this in the leaked camera-phone pics I didn't think much of them, but while perusing the photos in preparation for this post i have to say I agree with GDub at Puck Daddy and just retire the Slug and go with this. This is a hockey sweater. The midnight blue and yellow are a great compliment and there's no mistaking who it is skating up and down the ice.

For all of the NHL's talk about modernizing the look of the game and the league, the truth is that hockey players look better in sweaters with big, horizontal stripes and simple designs. I could definitely do without the piping, which only reminds me of salt rings after I've sweated too much in the Florida sun while weed-wacking the yard...

...maybe that's too much information.

Speaking of too much, a customized version of one of these babies will only set you back $350. Only. Of course, with the sterling work of GM Darcy Regier this summer one now has a veritable plethora of players whose name and number you can choose from and be safe from looking like the bald-headed wonder I saw a few years ago at the Ice Palace in Tampa; red-faced, drunk and screaming (or is that triply redundant), "BI-RON, YOU SUCK!" all game long while wearing a #26 Ekman 'Ning Sweater. Yes, that pre-dates the guy currently wearing that number.

At the same time the Sabres announced an upgrade to SabresTV: the inaugural edition of which can be found here (note the number of people who turn out for a training camp scrimmage).


P.S. I think Heather B. from Top Shelf just died and went to heaven.

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