Cowboys Give Roy Williams Extension, Deion Sanders Not Impressed

The Cowboys could be without Tony Romo for the next month, but they're suddenly stocked at wide receiver. Too bad 40-year-old Brad Johnson can't throw more than slants and screen passes at this point.

Whatever, Roy (Not Roy) Williams will join Terrell Owens et al, which should magically change the Cowboys' fortune. Or, more likely, the offense will continue to be just as explosive as it was before Williams arrive.

Either way, he's in Dallas, and the Lions former first-round pick will get No. 1 money to play in T.O.'s shadow. According to ESPN's Chris Mortensen, Williams inked a five-year, $45 million extension, although, to be fair, getting out of Detroit should be payment enough.

So everybody's happy, right? I mean, Jerry Jones finally lands a big-play threat and the Lions, for the first time this decade, actually make a great personnel move. Yeah, not everybody. Deion Sanders, now preaching the gospel on NFL Network, has a few concerns.

"Don't like [the Cowboys trading for Williams] one bit ... First of all, it raises your eyebrows when a franchise gives up their best player, their best receiver. There's a problem there. What's the problem? I don't understand. I've done my homework, checked on Roy. I don't think Roy's the hardest worker inside that Detroit Lion locker room that's coming over here.

Now, is he ready to play second fiddle? Because T.O. is the man in Dallas. Is he ready to do that? Is he losing speed? Can he get deep? What do they need?"

Primetime also complained that the Cowboys gave up too much (a first-, third- and sixth-round pick), and, frankly, I can't disagree. In terms of the other issues -- eh, big deal. Roy Williams isn't the hardest worker in Detroit? So what? The Cowboys are willing to take on guys like Tank Johnson and Pacman Jones. I think Williams, all things considered, is a pretty safe bet.

And as far as playing second fiddle, well, Williams was doing that in Detroit behind Calvin Johnson. The bigger problem is T.O. and how he'll react to the possibility of fewer receptions. I suspect if the Cowboys are winning, he won't care. Just like now.

By the way, a little advice for Deion: if you want people to take you seriously, don't suggest that "Adam" Jone's bodyguard might be responsible for the hotel bathroom cat fight that ultimately got Mr. Pacman suspended. Even if it's true, when you're on a zero-tolerance policy with Commissar Goodell, you shouldn't even be seen in public unless it's Sunday and you're working.

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