Captain Insano Shows No Mercy to Notre Dame's Sam Young

So: in Notre Dame tackle Sam Young's first season, this happens to him:

I'm pass setting and their defensive tackle comes over and gets some pressure on me and he pokes me in the eyes. I'm sitting there, one of my eyes is all blurry, and I'm going 'What the hell?'"And he just goes, 'Captain Insano shows no mercy.'

Captain Insano shows no mercy.

You will be utterly unsurprised to find out "Captain Insano" plays for Georgia Tech.

But the greater question: who is Captain Insano? And could he still be playing for GT? Three defensive tackles saw a bunch of time for GT in that game: then-senior Joe Anoai is the most likely candidate just because he saw the most playing time. Oh, and he comes from a family of professional wrestlers.

But the other two players who saw appreciable time in that Notre Dame game are Darryl Richard and Vance Walker, who are now senior starters. Could Captain Insano still walk among us?


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