Anthony Randolph Has High Aims

The legend of Anthony Randolph should be a key narrative over the next few years, mostly because of the hypermaniacal combination of skills and weaknesses. Marcus Thompson II of the San Jose Mercury News (via GSoM) offers another tale for the archives of Randolph lore.

During summer league, Warriors rookie forward Anthony Randolph was in a room full of NBA hopefuls listening to league representatives introduce them to their new careers. As an icebreaker, each player answered a question: what did they hope to achieve as a player? ...

Some longed to just make the roster. Randolph, his answer was unique and changed the tenor of the entire icebreaker. "I want to be one of the best to ever play the game," he said with the straightest face and the most matter-of-fact tone he could manage.

The beautiful thing about the art of basketball: Randolph could be scion or sideshow, and we won't know until he hits the court. His college data represents a jumble of contradictions (he can score but not shoot, rebound and block but not defend, drop a dime but not handle the ball). Who are we to laugh at steadfast self-confidence in the face of innumerable questions about his future?

Missing Monta Ellis is a drain on the interest in the Warriors for most folks. But if it means we get to peel Randolph back a bit, everything will be alright.

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