Evgeny Kuznetsov Literally Gets His Butt Kicked

When one team beats another pretty handily, it's common to hear that they got their "butts/behinds/alternative-word-for-donkeys kicked." It is not usual, however, to see somone literally get their butt kicked during a game.

From Yahoo! Sports' Greg Wyshynski by way of Sport-Express' Slava Malamud comes this clip of Washington Capitals prospect Evgeny Kuznetsov getting kicked by opponent Anton Belov during a KHL game between Kuznetsov's Traktor and Belov's Avangard Wednesday.

Belov took Kuznetsov down with a high hit, but to pour salt in the wounds, Belov literally gave Kuznetsov a kick in the bum.

The entire sequence only earned Belov a two-minute interference minor. He should be grateful that he doesn't play hockey in Austrailia.

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