8-Year-Old Boy Mourns Chris Cooley

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Oh, the "parent exploits a young child by recording his or her sadness over a favorite player's departure" move (or some slight variation). A timeless classic.

Now Washington has one to call its own!

"It's my favorite player, mom," the young boy, referring to Chris Cooley, says while fighting back tears.

"Do you still like the Redskins?" his mom asks twice. She receives no response.

Cooley told our own Dan Hellie that one of his favorite parts about being a Redskin was "being somewhere...and [seeing] some kid wearing your jersey." Hopefully, this little guy will cherish his No. 47 jersey forever.

Now only if there was a video of an inconsolable child weeping over Andray Blatche's dismissal from the Wizards:

"Andray got fat and they told him to stay home" is what I imagine the kid would say.

(H/T Mike Wise)

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