Dykstra to TMZ: “Get a Life!”

Ex-Phillie goes ape over repo question

On Monday afternoon TMZ received a very angry, expletive-laced email from former Phillie Lenny Dykstra after being asked by a staffer if his Rolls-Royce had been repossessed.

The celebrity news and gossip informants got their hands on photos of the Phantom being towed from Dykstra's work in Camarillo, Calif. Given recent reports of his financial situation, they reached out to the baseball legend and asked if the car had been repossessed.

His delightful response:

"I had the pick-up arranged with Rolls Royce - what do you think we are all doing there at the same time for?

Do you not have anything better to do - you f***ing drama queen! Get a life!

I worked out the pick-up with a VIP at Rolls Royce - I told them where I would be, the time I would be there ..... and now you want to know why? BECAUSE I WASN'T DRIVING TWO HOURS TO BEVERLY HILLS, PERIOD!

Do you not have anything better to do, how did you get the big assignment? You f***ing drama queen! Get a life!


Lenny K. Dykstra"

Dear Mr. Dykstra, getting bent out of shape over a simple question would, in our eyes, make you the "f***ing drama queen."

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