Curse O' Les Boulez Likes ‘Em Young

Mounting injuries force youth into lineup

The hand of the Curse O' Les Boulez, perhaps seen in this photo, is forcing the hand of Ed Tapscott -- and Wizards Nation is rejoicing.

Long since it's been evident that the team is on the long road to nowhere this season, fans have clamored for youth to be thrown into the fire in the interest of development.

Problem is, the guy doing to coaching (and who used to be in charge of the player development) hasn't been on the same page as those who don't get paid to run the show and aren't privy to behind-the-scenes operations.

Tapscott has coached the team how he and his boss, Ernie Grunfeld, think it should be coached -- trying to win with experience on the court, as goes the phrase, "Veteran status is earned."

But when the veterans were playing poorly, and the rookies even worse, the only appeasement for many fans in the face of losing is living with the mistakes of those learning on the fly.

Ironically enter the Curse O' Les Boulez, which has long tortured the fans of this hapless franchise, but is now making their dreams come true.

Out with Etan Thomas and Andray Blatche -- just the latest in a long line of injuries for the Wiz.

In steps JaVale McGee and perhaps Oleksiy Pecherov. Sure, Blatche is younger that Pech, but in the mind of the Curse, inexperience trumps youth -- Pecherov has only seen 67 total minutes on the court this season.

So take that Ed Tapscott, you're going to play the kids whether you like it or not.

And if you don't adhere to the Curse, then Antawn Jamison and Darius Songaila just might be next.

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