“Communication Breakdown” Leads To Kirk Cousins's New Buzz Cut

Twitter was all abuzz with excitement Wednesday with the news of Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins's new 'do. When he took to the podium Wednesday, his shaggy blond mop had been replaced by an...interesting buzz cut.

According to Cousins, there was a little bit of a "communication breakdown" between him and his hairdresser.

"I said on Monday I saw the press conference, 'I think I need a haircut.' So my friends are in town, we go over to Dulles Barber and it was actually two places: The Hair Cuttery and the Dulles Barber and I said I'm going to go to the Dulles Barber. I had a choice to make, I went to Dulles Barber. The lady who cut my hair wasn't speaking English all that clearly. There was a communication breakdown. And she basically gave me a mohawk.

"I had my glasses on; she took them off to cut my hair. I couldn't stop her obviously because I couldn't see. She wheels me back around, I look in the mirror, realize I have a mohawk and I tell her, 'Just shave it off, I don't know what to tell you.' She just buzzed it off and I've got to live with this for the next couple of weeks until it grows back. But I do want to apologize to my family and friends back home because I try to represent them well, but this haircut isn't doing it."

Better a "communication breakdown" in the barber's chair than in the huddle, I suppose. At least he's got a helmet?

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