Charlie Davies Talks Intense Rivalries

The U.S.-Mexico rivalry is one of the most storied in modern soccer, filled with intense clashes on the field and harsh words off it.

U.S. striker Landon Donovan once peed on the pitch at Estadio Jalisco after Mexican player Oswaldo Sanchez insulted Donovan’s mom. That incident was only one in a long history of bad blood between the two teams.

It’s more than a rivalry. It’s hatred.

Both teams are currently competing in the CONCACAF Gold Cup and could find themselves face to face once again. DC United’s Charlie Davies sat down to talk about what the rivalry is like for a player.

The video is below and Davies concludes it by putting it all into perspective:

“If you can survive and get through playing 90 minutes at Azteca Stadium with 105,000 people booing you and jeering at you and throwing coins and batteries at you and with the altitude so high… if you can get through that and be successful in that type of environment, I think it’s only going to help you as a player. You’ve been through the worst, and if you can get through the worst, everything else seems easy.”


via Bumpy Pitch

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