Charlie Davies Strips Down

While not totally nude, the pictures in this post might offend some of our more sensitive readers. Just a gentle warning.

Now read on.

In the fall, DC United’s Charlie Davies did a photo shoot with British photographer Chris Floyd. Davies has always been gracious with us, and Floyd found him to be different than most of the athletes he photographs.

“Charlie was, for a footballer, a dream,” he told us. “Cooperative, charming and warm. In fact, I'd describe him as utterly unlike every other player I've ever photographed, in that he seemed to have a soul, rather than a cold, greedy, ignorant void.”

Those are some serious words for someone who counts Mariano Rivera, Novak Djokovic, Asafa Powell, John Terry and Frank Lampard as only a few of his many athlete photo subjects.

The photo shoot was meant to showcase how athletes tackle the task of getting dressed, but Davies’ scars told a story within that story.

The accident that almost killed Davies is well known, and we’ve all seen pictures of the scars that were left behind. What we haven’t seen is Davies’ admirable comfort with his own body and his willingness to share it so artistically.

And let’s be honest: a naked Charlie Davies is a win for everyone.

We have some of the photos here, as well as a video that Floyd put together about his experience with Davies. Additional photos are at this link. All photos are posted with generous permission from the photographer.

And now, please turn your attention to this link to watch "Charlie Davies: How They Get Dressed".

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