Capital Roundup: Snyder Anniversary Edition

Every week there are news tidbits that we don't get to bring you, but deserve some attention anyway. We present them to you on Fridays.We were going to skip a week, but Cooley threatened to kick our butt.

  • You can now put you and your friends in a virtual Nationals uniform. You're welcome. [JibJab]
  • When he's not campaigning for the starting QB position, John Beck is quite the outdoorsman. [Sports Bog]
  • It's a good thing Fred Davis is a tight end and not a quarterback. [Redskins Blog]
  • Strasburg took a timeout from fighting ninjas to throw off the mound for the first time in 275 days. [Nationals Journal]
  • The Sun has narrowed down the best 196 photos from the Preakness. They may or may not include the bikini contest. [Baltimore Sun]
  • Dan Snyder has owned the Redskins for 12 years. Twelve long years. [City Paper]
  • Hopefully we'll see this Arlington kid in a D.C. United uniform in a few years. [Famous DC]

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