Candid Dan Snyder on 12 Years Owning the Skins

In the almost 12 years since Dan Snyder bought the Washington Redskins there has been more off-field drama than on-the field success.

During Snyder's tenure, the team has had only three winning seasons and made just three trips to the playoffs.

Snyder believes things have changed under head coach Mike Shanahan and general manager Bruce Allen, but issues remain -- like what to do with Donovan McNabb and Albert Haynesworth and the Washington City Paper lawsuit.

Snyder was candid about all that and more Thursday afternoon. On 12 years of Redskins ownership:

On the Redskins’ involvement in the community:

What’s Snyder most proud of he's most proud of during his tenure as Redskins owner?

Snyder’s take on the Donovan McNabb situation:

And the Haynesworth situation:

Snyder comments on the Washington City Paper lawsuit:

More on the City Paper lawsuit:

Snyder said he's happy to leave the football decisions up to Allen and Shanahan.

He'd make different hires. Who is he talking about?

How important is it to Dan Snyder to be liked?

On his relationships with the other sports franchises in D.C.:

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