Bryce Harper: Redskins Fan

harper redskins shirt
Dan Hellie

Bryce Harper, a.k.a. "The Justin Bieber of Baseball," hasn't been known to show his love for Washington sports teams.

The super phenom has publicly stated, via Twitter, that he loves himself some Nationals ... and that's about it in D.C.  He rattled off that he's not a fan of Georgetown, the Wizards, the Caps and, sigh, the Redskins.

But wait, what was that Dan Hellie (@danhellie) spied Friday at the Nats' spring training facility?  None other than Mr. Harper sporting a Redskins T-shirt.  Could he be switching his love from the Cowboys to the Skins?  It may make for a more hospitable tenure in Washington...

Meanwhile, Hellie snapped some other interesting pics down in Florida.

First up, here's new starting pitcher Gio Gonzalez chatting it up with a Taiwanese news crew:

Here's the Wounded Warrior Amputee softball team snagging some autographs from the Nats:

Shortstop Ian Desmond shows off his haircut for spring training, and tells Hellie that he's not cutting it anytime soon:

And finally, here's Harper again, showing off his Mom and Pops tattoos.

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