Bruce's Canadian Beef

CBC spies infiltrate Caps locker room

Bruce Boudreau has a beef with our Canadian friends.  It seems our moose-loving neighbors to the north sorta violated the team's privacy, exposing the team's deepest, darkest secrets.  Uh-oh.

Before Game 3's 14-2 loss -- wait, it was 3-2?  Seriously?  Wow.  Seemed worse than that -- to the Penguins, the Canadian network that was broadcasting the game went inside the Caps locker room.

While showing footage of Ovie getting dressed -- hey, gotta keep the ladies interested! -- a dry erase board with the Caps "Keys to Victory" appeared on screen, and DC Sports Bog has the picture.  Oops.

Eh, it's just one of those fleeting shots that sometimes happens, right?

Not exactly.

Apparently the Hockey Night in Canada crew was huffed up on some poutine.  During their pre-game show, they froze the image where failed GM Mike "Fishsticks" Milbury and failed goalie Kelly "Thanks, Wayne!" Hrudy broke them down point by point by stinkin' point.

Nice editorial control there, guys.

Needless to say, the Caps weren't pleased.  Gabby said that the CBC was "classless" and "unprofessional."  (Don Cherry's suits were unavailable for comment.)

GM George McPhee has kicked them out of their locker room for good.

With the way the Caps played, the Pens certainly seem to have great spies.  The first key was "We have to get the puck deep ... no turnovers."

That brilliant strategy was co-opted by the Pens beautifully, who -- no doubt thanks to these keys being left in the front door -- turned it around.  They kept the puck deep, often setting up in power-play formation for extended periods of time while at even strength.  And they caused the Caps to turn the puck over and over and over and, well, you get the picture.

If the Caps can keep these critical state secrets (should that be district secrets?) safe, they've got a chance tonight in Game 4.  Bruce just has to keep the Canadian spies away.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment.  His most visited Canadian city is Cornwall.

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