Best Of DMV Midnight Madness

Friday was Midnight Madness, the night when college campuses all over the country stage theatrics and introduce their basketball teams to a gym full of co-eds.

Each year, the gimmicks and costumes get more awesome, and the schools in the DMV did not disappoint.

George Washington University did what no other team has been able to do. They forced us to find those annoying inflatable mascots entertaining.

George Mason took “Party Rock” to a whole new level, complete with pimps and dancing players. We’re not sure which player drew the short straw and had to wear that robot head, but he wears it well. The pimping and robot goodness starts at about the 2:30 mark.

Maryland’s celebration included the return of Gary Williams, cartwheel dunks and the introduction of new basketball coach Mark Turgeon. Sadly, there were no inflatable mascots.

Georgetown's South Asian dance team, GU Jawani, impressed the crowd with some entertaining moves.  If only they added a few dunks to their repertoire...

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