Beck Gets Chance to Prove He's the Lesser

The John Beck story has been the kind of stuff bad movies are made of. Just take a look at some of this week’s Beck headlines.

“John Beck: Inspirational story or a fairy tale?” – Washington Post

“John Beck: ‘I believe in me’” – Washington Post

“Quarterback duel finally can be measured” – Washington Times

“Beck a dysfunctional choice, even for ‘Skins” – Toronto Sun

OK, that last one stung (Toronto? Really?). But is it inaccurate?

The team has been building the drama around this “quarterback duel” all pre-season. But being three weeks away from the regular season without a starting quarterback isn’t exciting. It’s scary.

Sure, if this were a battle between two young guys with potential, it would be worth the drama. But we’re talking about Rex Grossman and John Beck. Two 30-year-old quarterbacks who have found themselves in the middle of a pretty pathetic storyline.

It’s not much a battle over who is better to lead the team as much as it is who is worse. And the winner wins by being the lesser of two evils.

Beck gets the chance to prove himself the lesser tonight against Indianapolis in a much-anticipated start. If the rumors are to be believed, the job is his to lose. But that alone is a terrifying statement -- “if Beck isn’t terrible, he gets the job.”

Some battle.

Not all of this week’s headlines buy into the Beck-mania though.

“John Beck: Wasn’t he in the Yardbirds?” – Washington Post

Yeah. That’s more like it.

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