Baltimore Sun Takes Shots at Washington, D.C., Sports

I'm not a native of Washington, D.C., or Baltimore, but in my six years in the area, I've noticed that there is a not-so-hidden rivalry between the two cities, one I don't quite understand.

The Baltimore Sun spelled it out though in a recent slideshow entitled "100 Reasons Why Baltimore Is Better Than D.C." There's talk of rats, "The Wire," traffic and happy hour, but that's not why you came here. That being said, I've isolated the sports-related entries on the slideshow, which I've listed below:

95. Chris Davis.
94. Also, Chris Davis doesn’t have a brohawk. Bryce Harper, stop.
79. With its red bricks and open spaces, Oriole Park at Camden Yards gives us a big hug. Nationals Park, all concrete, metal and glass, gives a cold shoulder to D.C.
49. Cal Ripken is 2,632 times better than any D.C. sports figure.
44. The Raven, an intellectual literary allusion. The Redskin, an antiquated racial epithet.
42. D.C. has the Caps. Three words: Baltimore Lingerie League. Would you rather pay to watch grown men or scantily clad women duke it out?
34. Way to steal our basketball team and then replace the intimidating Bullets franchise with the completely terrifying Wizards brand.
27. Note to D.C. athletes: You show your Baltimore pride every time you put on anything Under Armour. Keep it up.
21. We're pretty sure more people watched Ray Lewis' final game on TV than Obama's second inauguration.
10. The Redskins last won the Super Bowl in 1991. Also in 1991, the Gulf War began.
7. Our football stadium is actually in our city.

Okay, I'll give 'em the Bullets and the fact that the Redskins' stadium is in Maryland (and Old Bay makes everything better). The rest, I'm not so sure. What do you think?

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