APB for a 3B

Ryan Zimmerman isn't in camp. Yet.

Call the search party!  Get the dogs and the flashlights!  Ryan Zimmerman is missing!

Sort of.

Pitchers and catchers reported over the weekend, and a number of players -- including Adam Dunn -- have shown up, but other position players aren't obligated to show up for a few more days.  So Ryan hasn't.

There's a little bit more to it than that, though.

Zimmerman still doesn't have a completed contract for next season.  He has an arbitration hearing on Friday that'll determine how many millions Arlington's swinginest bachelor will make this season.

In his first season of arbitration eligibility, Zim's asking for $3.9 million.  The team has countered with $2.75 million.  It's a heckuva process when you can lose and make that much, huh?

Assuming that Zimmerman and the team don't come to a one-year settlement (especially since a long-term deal doesn't appear too likely at this point), the two sides will hash it out in a beautiful conference room, munching down some stale pastries and drinking funny tasting coffee out of little paper cups.  An arbiter will listen to the arguments then pick one side or the other.

'Til that process plays out, Zimmerman is keeping his distance from the team.  The only reason that's notable is because Zimmy has traditionally been an early reporter.  Perhaps this is a bit of a statement by him toward the process.

Even if it's not, and all he wants is to sit on the beach for a few more days, sipping pinacoladas, he's within his contractual rights.  And, hey, more power to him.

So don't worry that he's not here yet.

And don't worry that he's not yet fully signed, or that there's no long-term deal yet.  The Nats can control his rights for two more seasons beyond this one.

Zimmerman's not going anywhere.  Yet.

Chris Needham used to write Capitol Punishment, and he's not in Florida either.

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