A Bernadina Pic Can Mean Free Burritos

Avid Nats fans know that Roger Bernadina’s nickname is "The Shark." As far as California Tortilla is concerned, “Sharkadina” translates to “free burritos.”

What started as an off-the-cuff offer via the California Tortilla Twitter feed has become a full fledged Cal Tort promotion. The mission is simple -- take a pic of Roger Bernadina eating a fish taco and you can win free burritos for a year. 
The contest took off, forcing the marketing geniuses at the company to come up with some guidelines:
1) The subject (Bernadina) must be asked permission in a polite fashion. Kindergarten etiquette applies.  
2) Yes -- Bernadina can take the photo himself.
3) A teammate can also take the photo.
4)  Cal Tort fish tacos have slaw in them -- so slaw must be visible
5) The free burritos for a year will be one (1) burrito per week for 52 weeks on a Burrito Elito Card. 
6) Cal Tort will pick up to the five best photos submitted by August 3.
7) Photoshopped photos that make them laugh may be eligible for other prizes.
The photos can be submitted via Twitter or the Cal Tort Facebook page. You can also send them to us and we’ll post them here. 
Nats fans, you have your mission. 
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