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Soccer Fever Takes Over White House



    Soccer Fever Takes Over White House
    Cheers let out in the White House when Landon Donovan scored against Algeria.

    President Obama honored the Women's Professional Soccer Champions with a reception at the White House Thursday.

    Obama said soccer has taken center stage inside the White House.

    “We've all been glued to our TVs over the last couple of weeks as the men's team made the run at the World Cup," Obama said. "I know my staff, by the way, was watching when the U.S. beat Algeria, because I could hear them whooping it up as I was having important meetings in the Oval Office."

    The meeting Obama referred to was with Gen. David Petraeus about the war in Afghanistan.

    Team Sky Blue presented the president with his own blue jersey.

    It was the league’s first season, and Sky Blue took the inaugural championship.

    While in D.C., Sky Blue took part in First Lady Michelle Obama's "Get Active" campaign, which fights childhood obesity with exercise.