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Skins Wins Help Vinny Stay

W's help him make a stronger argument



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    All hail the king!

    Might somewhere, deep in the bowels of Castle Wolfenstein, Vinny Cerrato be whispering in his boss's ear, making the case that he, no matter what the pitchfork-bearing mob outside the gates may say, is the best person for the job going forward?

    Now, if this were an open courtroom, Vinny's evidence and arguments would get laughs all the way 'til the time the guillotine dropped, but this isn't an open courtroom.  It's a closed one, with a judge/jury/king all wrapped up in one.

    And Vinny has the judge's ear.  And, results be damned, he can warp the arguments to favor himself.

    The team has been playing better since Vinny stripped Zorn of his play-calling.  The Bingo arrangement has worked out pretty well, and Vinny can attribute the team's terrible play early on to Zorn.  "See, Dan, once we started doing things my way, we started to play like a playoff team.  Did you see how we almost beat the undefeated Saints?"

    Danny's much-maligned second-year second-rounders have started to play really well.  "Dan, have you seen how good Devin Thomas looks?  He really looks like he's close to taking the leap to being one of those flashy breakout receivers we covet.  You remember who drafted him, don't you?"

    "How about Fred Davis, Dan?  Everyone thought we were doomed once we lost Chris Cooley, but my guy stepped in big time.  Two touchdowns yesterday, Dan, and two in his previous two games.  That's my guy, Dan."

    How about how Vinny pieced together an offensive line?  "Dan, I told you we could get an O-line on the cheap.  There's no need to spend big money on these no-names.  I can mine for talent with the best of 'em."

    Vinny's no-name roster stiffs are pitching in beautifully.  "Heck of a game Quinton Ganther had, huh, Danny?  Two touchdowns.  Remember who signed him for pennies?  Yeah, me.  Did you see the leg on Gano?  I got him for nothing, and forced Zorn to make a change last week.  You think we would've won yesterday without me making that change?"

    "Stick with me, Danny.  We're scouting buddies.  That Notre Dame QB looked like the perfect guy to replace Campbell, didn't he?  Give me the keys for a few more years, and let's build off this second-half surge, Dan.  I can almost smell the Super Bowl, can't you?"

    As better as these last few weeks have felt, is this the downside?  Will the team's improved play give Vinny an extra life?

    All that matters is that he could make an argument.  And that he could make it to the right person.