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Skins Need a Big Win

All we want is a 30 points!



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    Perhaps not Jason Campbell's finest passing attempt.

    Think the pressure's on?  The Skins take on the woeful Tampa Bay Buccaneers at home, in front of a crowd that's just waiting for the first 3-and-out to crank up the booing.

    If the Skins players thought the booing was loud and obnoxious when they narrowly beat the Rams, just imagine what it's going to be like should the Buccos keep this one close late into the game.

    Tampa's starting a QB you've probably never heard of. Josh Johnson (who?) makes his first career start. But there was also a ton of confidence that the Skins' defense would be able to hold rookie starter Matt Stafford in check, and look where that got them. Worse for the Bucs, Derek Ward, their starting running back, is likely on the sidelines.

    A banged-up running game and a rookie QB? Please let this be the game the defense completely dominates! 

    But as terrible as the Skins' defense was last week, it's the other side of the ball that's still causing the most angst.  Will this be the week (please, oh please, oh please!) that they finally put some stinkin' points on the board?

    Will all those Jason Campbell short and medium passes finally get the ball into the end zone?  Will Jim Zorn disabuse himself of the notion that this is a power running team anytime the team rolls into the shadow of the goalposts?  Will the team realize they have Mr. Kelly and Mr. Thomas out wide?  Will Mr. Kelly and Mr. Thomas bother to show up?

    There's a lot of angst out there this week and a lot of pressure.  Everyone's assuming (hoping, really) that the Skins will win this game.  But what if they don't?  What's that mean for Zorn's future?

    Oh so many questions.  But they're nothing that a 34-6 butt-kicking won't answer, are they?  OK.  We'll stop with the questions now!