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Resolution to Honor the Terps Meets Opposition



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    A resolution to honor the University of Maryland men's basketball team met opposition on the House floor Tuesday evening.

    House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.) tried to get some legislative love for his state's top college basketball team, recognizing the team's NCAA tournament berth and conference awards for the ACC's top player (Greivis Vasquez) and coach (Gary Williams).

    Rep. John Campbell (R-Calif.) wasn't having it. It was a matter of state pride more than partisan politics.

    Apparently, last year Hoyer pulled a resolution to honor the University of California-Irvine men's volleyball team after it won the 2009 national title. The 2009-10 Terps, Campbell argued, haven't had that kind of success. He also emphasized the team's low graduation rate.

    Glad we don't pay these guys by the hour.

    Such resolutions honoring a variety of things are common. Rarely do they meet opposition.

    By the way, the first chance the Terps would have to play a team from California in the tourney would be in the Elite Eight -- if Maryland and either San Diego State or UC Santa Barbara advances that far. Keep your fingers crossed. Things could get ugly on the House floor.