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Ovie Out? PANIC!

Day-to-day with an upper body injury... hope that's not serious



    Ovie Out? PANIC!
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    His upper body seems to be ok here.

    Don't panic, Caps fans.

    Sure, your team lost two games to the dregs of the NHL -- the New York Islanders and something called the "Columbus Blue Jackets." But the bright side is that due to the league's cockamamie OT loss points rule the Caps earned two points. Woohoo!

    See, we told you not to panic.

    Oh? That matter about Alex Ovechkin being injured? No reason to panic there either. The team's downplaying it, so of course, it's nothing major. They're saying that he's day-to-day with an "upper body injury." That certainly sounds minor. Nothing to worry about.

    Little known fact: if you peruse the records of the Washington Federal Ice-Ball League, way back in April 1865, coach S. Bowman listed goalie A. Lincoln's injury as an "upper body injury."


    Ovie left yesterday's game midway through the second period after falling to the ice. Speculation from most of the beat writers is that he did something to his left shoulder or arm, but he's certainly not telling, as his post-game comments show (thanks to Puck Daddy:)

    Q. What happened there along the boards? It seemed to me that Chimera was angry from the hit in the first period and he kind of bumped you.
    AO: Yeah, it was just a moment in the game, so nothing happened, he hit me and I hit him. It was a battle there, but nothing happened.
    Q. Did someone grab you? How did you get hurt?
    AO: I can't tell you how I get hurt. But it's day-to-day, but you know just in case I can go back on the ice.
    Q. So you don't think it's very serious?
    AO: I don't know.
    Q. What is it?
    AO: [laughing] You think I'm going to tell you?

    Don't leave us hangin', Ovie!  The Wizards might be back, but until we're sure, you're all we've got!  PANIC!!!!

    Could it be gangrene?  Did his arm fall off?  Was it amputated below the elbow?  Did he grow a sixth finger?  Answers!  We want answers!

    Until we get them, despite the team's reassurances, the best we can do is panic!  Everyone to the safety of the streets, with whatever office supplies you can fashion into a weapon.  PANIC!!!