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Leave It To the Pros

Nats owner day-to-day after being hit in the face by fly ball



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    Mark Lerner

    When would you not get in trouble for giving your boss a bloody nose? When you play for the Washington Nationals.

    Mark Lerner, the team’s principal owner, was hit in the face while trying to catch a fly ball during batting practice before the Nats’ game Thursday against the Mets at Nats Park.

    “I’ve never seen blood gush that fast out of someone,” one Nationals player told the Washington Post.

    Lerner received a couple of stitches on the bridge of his nose but is expected to be OK.

    How did it happen? Here’s the play-by-play of the incident:

    Lerner was on the field in full uniform (he’s known to join the team for batting and fielding practice before games). He went after a fly ball but got blinded by the sun (Or so the story goes). The ball hit him right in the frame of his glasses, cutting the bridge of his nose.

    Perhaps an Adam Dunn-like move to first base is in order...