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How Low Have The Chargers Fallen?

Top and bottom of the NFL, Week 11!



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    Power rankings. You hate them. They’re so arbitrary and pointless, especially when they include all 32 NFL teams. All you want to know after a good week of NFL action is who the bestest team in the NFL right now, and which one is the absolute barrel-scraping worst. The one so terrible, Adam Sandler is gonna make a hastily written, lazily directed comedy out of it. That’s why we have TOP AND BOTTOM OF THE NFL, where we go to great lengths to tell you who’s the top dog in football right now, this very minute. LET’S GO!

    THE TOP: Green Bay Packers

    Here are Aaron Rodgers' numbers from Sunday's win over the Bucs: 23/34, 299 yards, 3TDs, 1 INT, 112.3 passer rating. Not bad, right? Yes, well it turns out that those number represent Rodgers' SECOND WORST passing day of the season. His only "worse" outing was when he threw for three TDs and 1 pick against the Bears back in September. This is Aaron Rodgers on a BAD DAY. He's like Johnny B. Goode, only with a goatee. He's terrifying.

    THE BOTTOM: San Diego Chargers

    The Colts had the day off on Sunday (really, they've taken the entire season off), so I'm giving them a break from the cellar today and welcoming Norv and the bunch.

    Oh, I could put other teams here, like the Rams or Vikings -- teams so bad that they've become virtually invisible to the greater football landscape. But there isn't a more ENTERTAINING train wreck right now than Norv and company. Do you know how hard you have to work to be the worst team in the AFC West? It's like being the most corrupt person in Congress. You have to WANT IT. And oh, do the Chargers want it. If Norv Turner keeps his job, the people of San Diego should rise up in revolt. And if imperious GM AJ Smith keeps HIS job, they should bust out the torches and pitchforks.

    What you're seeing now is the end result of Smith letting his ego run amok and giving the league's biggest pushover of a coach every chance to waste multiple timeouts in the span of seven seconds. In the process, they've ruined their one decent asset (QB Philip Rivers), and have little else going for them. And do you know what the worst part is? That owner Dean Spanos may turn to his kid to fix it all. It's gonna be a long decade for this team.